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Christine Mummery

Christine Mummery is Professor of Developmental Biology at the Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands. Following a PhD in Biophysics, she moved to the Hubrecht Institute to study ion channels. Prof. Mummery has pioneered the use of human pluripotent stem cells to study cardiovascular disease and regeneration, and to generate various organ-on-chip models. Her most recent work centres on safety pharmacology to predict toxic effects of drugs on the human heart and capturing cardiac and vascular disease phenotypes, including identifying individual vulnerability and drug sensitivity. She established the LUMC hiPSC core facility in 2011, was a co-founder of NCardia, and holds several patents on stem cell based models. Prof. Mummery is a founding editor of the journal Stem Cell Reports and serves on numerous editorial and scientific advisory boards. She was president of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (2020-2021) and co-founded the European Organ-on-Chip Society. She is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, was awarded the Lefoulon Delalande Prize jointly with Gordon Keller in 2021, and received the ISSCR Public Service Award in 2023 for outstanding contributions of public service to the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine.