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Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Regenerative Medicine

Director: The Center of Regenerative Medicine, St. Louis (USA)

Lab: Dr. Stacey Rentschler

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Post-Doctoral Position in Asymmetric Heart Morphogenesis

Director: Dr. Sigolène Meilhac

Lab: Imagine-Institut Pasteur Unit of Heart Morphogenesis, Paris (France)

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Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Cardiac Regeneration

Director: Dr. Rubén Marín Juez

Lab: Marín-Juez Laboratory at the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center, Montréal (Canada)

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Post-Doctoral Position in Cardiac Development – Gene-Environment Interactions

Director: Dr. Irene Zohn

Lab: Children’s Research Institute of the Children’s National Hospital, Washington, DC (USA) 

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